Rats for Rockets

Victor seems to be a nice guy, but Rockets and Rats go together like mozzerella and velveeta.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Is it art or is it something sordid?

What's up with Victor posting pictures of these naked rats? And then he slips into the conversation that these rats are all "mature".

Uh huh. Go google "hot older naked rats" and see who shows up in the top spot. But please, not when there are children around.

Support your local Rocket Rats!

It's poll time. Instead of getting a real poll thing, we just want you to give your answer in the comments, ok? Yeah, we're smarter than the average rat, but we're still rats.

Who's the best team in the Blogger Bowl 2004 who's name starts with Rocket?

In the comments. Show some class.

Sad but true

Victor talks the rat-talk, but he don't walk the rat-walk, and we're sorry to have to come out in public to tell people.

In fact, since this whole Rats of Chaos thing started, he's managed to convince a very few (bald) rats to support his team in Blogger Bowl 2004. Let us say right now that his few, his forgetful few do not speak for the rest of us.

We hereby announce the formation of the Swift Rat Veterans, dedicated to cheese! Huh? Oh yeah, sorry, and defeating Victor's Rats of Chaos this week.

Stay tuned for more devastating blogging, and watch our misguided brethren bail on Victor like, uh, us, leaving a sinking ship. Or swift rat. Or something.

Jeez, we shoulda wrote this down before so we don't sound so lame...